who we are

Israel is home to some of the best academicians around the globe. Regrettably, for too long most of their works have been unknown to the majority of the world.

ISRAEL ACADEMIC PRESS (IAP) is dedicated to making the finest Israeli academic writing available worldwide– at an affordable price– to both authors and readers. We are a peer-review press with an Academic Adivory Board. It is our goal to ensure our books are available in as wide a range of formats as possible– both physical and electronic; in tandem, both in Hebrew and in English.


our team

Yitzhak Reiter Editor in Chief
Marc Schulman Co-Editor
Amy Erani Creative Director
Nancy Hartevelet Kobrin Director of Communications

OUr Editorial Board

Prof Daniel Bartal Tel Aviv University
Prof Menachem Blondheim Professor of American Studies and Communication, Head of the Harry S. Truman Institute for Peace Research, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof Stuart Cohen Professor of Political Science and Military Studies, Bar-Ilan University and Head of the Dept. of Politics and Governance at Ashkelon Academic College
Prof Aviva Halamish Professor of History (Jewish Studies and Zionism), Open University
Prof. Mustafa Kabha Professor of History, Open University
Prof. Elie Podeh Professor of Islam and Middle East Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof Frances Raday Professor of Law and Human Rights, Chair of the Concord Research Institute for Integration of International Law in Israel at the College of Management and Elias Lieberman Chair in Labour Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Emerit
Prof. Izhak Schnell Professor of Geography, Tel-Aviv University
Prof. Gabriel Sheffer Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Prof. Alexander Yakobson Professor of Ancient History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

why choose us

We believe in Electronic Publishing

Through its mother company, MultiEducator, IAP has been a pioneer in electronic publishing of all kinds. MultiEducator produced its first educational CD-Rom in 1990. Today, it publishes a range of iPhone/iPad apps, as well as a variety of ePub books. We believe in the future of electronic publishing, in general, and as it manifests most widely today in the form of ePub. As much as we love the 'physical book' personally, we believe the future of information consumption is in electronic publishing.

Electronic Publishing

Electronic books have the advantage of:

* Easy Storage and Portable * Ability to Write Notes in the Body of the Text * Easily Enlarged/Reduced Text Font Size * Quick Search– Makes index unnecessary * FREE and Automatic Update of New Editions

Our Goals

Together with the help of our partners, our authors, we hope to transform the world of Academic Publishing in Israel and the World.

our standards

  • Hightest Academic Standards

    Our books all meet the highest Academic Standards. All books are carefully reviewed to make sure they meet our academic standards

  • A Curated Press

    All books that a submitted to be published by Israel Academic Press are carefully reviewed by our Acadmeic Panel

  • Spreading knowledge

    It is our hope that by combining high academic standards with modern distribution techniques we will be able to dissemenate knowledge about the complexity of Israel and its society widely.