Ma'du'a Azavti et Beit HaSefer? Why I left School: Voices of Palestinian Dropouts in East Jerusalem (Hebrew Edition)

Dr. Laila Abed Rabho

According to data published in 2012, nearly 40% of Palestinian students in East Jerusalem do not complete 12 years of study. Comparatively, the dropout rate is a mere 3% amongst the overall Jewish population of Jerusalem. Dr. Laila Abed Rabho designed this study to examine the factors that lead to such high dropout rates from the schools in East Jerusalem and possible ways to contend with this phenomenon. In contrast to previous research, Dr. Abed Rabho gives voice to the dropouts themselves. This study includes extensive in-depth interviews that were conducted with 26 student dropouts from East Jerusalem, who agreed to disclose their varied, personal stories, under condition of anonymity.